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So many of you already know me and have heard the stories or have seen me in action over the last 35 years at Fin Fur & Feathers pet shop.  For those of you who don’t know me yet... allow me to introduce myself.  My entire life has revolved around animals and like most, I have a profound connection to our best friend, the Dog.  This passion became very obvious to my family on the day I got my first bicycle.  I rode through the neighborhood and would collect up to 5 dogs of various shapes and sizes.  Luring them was easy even without the use of treats.   I’d call out “come” and that worked just fine.  Or perhaps it was the small group already following behind me.  On most days my father would come home to find me locked in the garage with all these dogs.  The first time he saw this he asked me what I was doing with them.  I said “they are in my school”.  He’d just shake his head and laugh and told me to make sure they all got home by supper time.  The classes I taught then are very similar to the way I teach now.

I believe that each dog has a lock that requires the correct key to open him/her up to be receptive.  I build on a connection with the individual in order to create trust and then I begin building up good habits slowly and with consistency.   If a dog has been able to display bad behavior/habits for long periods of time it may take some time to redirect this negative energy.

They are all so different and I enjoy spending time with them.  It’s like meeting a person for the first time, getting to know them and making them a best friend for life.  One of the most important tools for the success of your best friend is YOU!  Your love is selfless and unconditional,  proven by the fact that you’re seeking training for the both of you.  I will find the “key” and together we will unlock the inner dog.  I will help you to continue this communication at home.  If your best friend is happy, you’ll be happy and that will make me very happy.

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